Dispenser for toilet rolls - 90083 Katrin Inclusive Gigant Toilet L Dispenser White

Catalog Number: 90083

EAN: 6414300090083

Material: plastic (ABS, PC, POM)

Color: white

Certificates: ISO9001

Dimensions: 342x356x149 mm

Weight: 1,257 kg

Quantity in packaging: 1

Quantity per carton: 1

192,72 zł (tax excl.)
237,05 zł (tax incl.)
Available on request. 7-10 days

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90083 Katrin Inclusive Gigant Toilet L Dispenser White

Dispenser for big Gigant toilet rolls for high frequency usage

The lock can be used with or without a key

The whole paper roll can be used economically with integrated stub roll holder

Easy paper tear-off to all sides and all edges

No searching around inside the dispenser opening for the loose end of the paper roll

Katrin Gigant L Dispensers are suitable for L and M sized Gigant rolls

New flexible roll brake for better dispensing

Main raw materials of major plastic parts and lock: ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene), PC (polycarbonate), POM (polyoxymethylene)

Katrin Inclusive dispensers are resistant to high temperatures

Comply with UL94 Fire Safety and Fire Protection regulations (EU)

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