Folded paper hand towel V-fold - 402161 Katrin Classic Hand Towel Zig Zag S

Catalog Number: 402161

Package EAN: 6414301040223

Collective packaging EAN: 6414301059553

Leaf dimensions: 230x213 mm

Package dimensions: 115x100x213 mm

Layers: 1

Folding: V

Color: white

Package weight: 0,23 kg

Weight of the collective packaging: 5,17 kg

Quantity in packaging: 200 leafs

Quantity per collective packaging: 20

Certificates:  Approved for short-term contact with food, ISO9001, ISO14001

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zł87.78 (tax excl.)
zł107.97 (tax incl.)

402161 Katrin Classic Hand Towel Zig Zag S 

Quality interleaved (Zig Zag, V-Fold) hand towelsi

1-Ply, white

Self presenting towels, one sheet at a time which is hygienic and helps to reduce consumption

Suitable for low to medium traffic areas

Approved for short-term contact with food

Manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 140001, ISO 50001 OHSAS 180001 and BRC standards

You can find the matching dispensers below Katrin 92063, 90168, 988366, 988113.

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