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zł704.00 (tax incl.)
Material: - Color: white Layers: 1 Leaf dimensions: 420x355 mm Quantity in packaging: 100 leafs Folding: Z Quantity per collective packaging: 5 Roll weight: 0,69 kg Weight of the collective packaging: 3,91 kg Grammage...
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zł326.25 (tax incl.)
Material: cellulose 100% Color: white Layers: 2 Leaf dimensions: 210x205 mm Folding: V Quantity per collective packaging: 40 Roll weight: 0,153 kg Weight of the collective packaging: 6,77 kg Grammage [g/m2]: 2 x 14,5...
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zł154.84 (tax incl.)
Material: cellulose 100% Color: white Layers: 3 Leaf dimensions: 115x96 mm Quantity in packaging: 150 leafs x 8 Paper roll diameter: 11,8 cm Height: 9,6 cm Length: 17,25 m Quantity per collective packaging: 56 rolls...
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zł374.25 (tax incl.)
Material: cellulose 100% Color: white Layers: 3 Leaf dimensions: 120x99 mm Quantity in packaging: 500 leafs Paper roll diameter: 13,5 cm Height: 9,9 cm Length: 60 m Quantity per collective packaging: 36 Roll weight:...
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zł220.38 (tax incl.)
Material: recycled paper Color: white Layers: 1 Leaf dimensions: 100240x210 mm Quantity in packaging: 358  leafs Paper roll diameter: 12,5 cm Height: 21,2 cm Length: 100,24 m Quantity per collective packaging: 6x2...
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