Universal liquid for cleaning waterproof surfaces - Cif Professional Oxy-Gel Wild Orchid 5L 7517876

Catalog number:  7517876

Producer: Diversey

EAN: 7615400106189

Quantity in a unit package: 5 L

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Cif Professional Oxy-Gel Wild Orchid  is a liquid, concentrated preparation for cleaning floors and other waterproof washable surfaces. The product is recommended for cleaning ceramic surfaces, made of plastic or painted with oil paint, unprotected floors, walls, laminates, etc. Cif Professional Oxy-Gel Wild Orchid is a mixture of non-ionic surfactants and active oxygen, which allows for effective and efficient removal of various dirt, including fatty and thick layers of dirt. During the washing process, Cif Professional Oxy-Gel Wild Orchid releases active oxygen in the form of bubbles that quickly and effectively remove dirt from the surfaces being washed, and then they will be absorbed by a mop, cloth or sponge. The product leaves a fresh, pleasant scent.


• Effective removal of dirt, including grease

• Quick and effective cleaning thanks to a special formula: with active oxygen

• No rinsing required

• Fresh, pleasant fragrance

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