Ika Polska is ambitious company and It wants to create and establish standards on the Polish market. Now, the most important for company, is professional and reliable cooperation with customers. Ika Polska tries to consolidate trust, increase and satisfaction our clients and cooperating companies, therefore it offers a lot of high quality products and good terms of business. Moreover, our Company seeks to have very kind relationships with clients and other companies, what conforms with professional ethics.

Ika Polska realizes all issues by action:

  1. Creating consciousness of employees about needs and expectations our clients.
  2. Educating staff about influence on satisfaction of our customers by particular people.
  3. We are looking for companies to cooperate, which have high quality services and improve their products.
  4. Constant checking of provisions and information what are important to good services our customer.
  5. Participating in programs KRD and D&B. The aim of those programs are elimination of dishonest companies on the market.
  6. Implementation of modern computer system (ALTUM) to increase of quality our services.
  7. Introducing innovative and compostable PGI products on Polish market.
  8. Supporting oxo- biodegradable (d2w) products.
  9. Organization of information programs and competitions for better quality of services.
  10. Organization of training for Ika Polska employees and cooperating companies.

The aim of politics of the quality, Ika Polska Company, is created friendly atmosphere and good terms of business to cooperation what are required by our customers.