Omo Professional Laundry Detergent Automat White Washing Powder SKU G12350

Catalog number: SKU G12350

Producer: Diversey

EAN: 8717644790571

Quantity in a unit package: 7 kg

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Omo Professional Laundry Detergent Automat White is a powder designed for washing white fabrics, with a fresh, pleasant fragrance. It is recommended for washing most fabrics, except for wool and natural silk. The product is effective in action, and its formula is based on a special composition of surfactants, sequestrants, and agents that prevent graying of washed fabrics.

The powder effectively removes various types of stains and dirt, providing excellent washing results without losing color. Omo Professional Laundry Detergent Automatic White is recommended for use in both professional laundries and smaller businesses, such as guesthouses and hotels. Its high efficiency ensures excellent cleanliness of fabrics and pleasant freshness. Thanks to the fact that it prevents materials from graying, it is perfect for bedding, clothes and reusable hygiene items.


• Effectively removes various types of stains

• Prevents greying of fabrics

• Leaves a fresh, pleasant fragrance

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