Toilet Paper JUMBO Cliver T130/1 Extra White 12 Rolls LAMIX (6057)

Raw material: Ecological recycled paper

Color: Extra white

Plies: 1

Quantity per package: 12 rolls

Diameter: 18 cm

Height: 9 cm

Lenght: 130 metres

Perforation: 22 cm

Certificate: Polish National Institute of Hygiene

Grammage[g/m²]: 35

Waterproofness: No

Product code: 6057

EAN: 5900848006057

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40,63 zł (tax excl.)
49,97 zł (tax incl.)
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Ecological, one-ply hand towel for professional use in public areas visited by a large number of users. Used anywhere where conventional consumer rolls are non economical.

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